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Published: Kem. Ind. 53 (12) (2004) 549—555
Paper reference number: KUI-11/2004
Paper type: Professional paper
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Application of Infrared Thermography in Chemical Engineering

N. Bolf


The infrared (IR) thermography has become a powerful tool for basic and applied research in various scientific fields, varying from heat transfer to non-destructive testing, fluids and solids mechanics, biomedical application, environmental protection, etc. This paper has the intention to familiarize researchers and industrial staff with possibilities of applying IR thermography in the field of chemical engineering and process industry aiming in safe operating, saving of energy and environmental protection. A brief history of the IR thermography development, basic function principles of a modern system for thermographic measurements, and application overview have been shown. Following applications have been highlighted: nondestructive testing, preventive maintenance, and condition monitoring of process equipment. A special attention has been paid to industrial application regarding quality control and process control.

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infrared thermography, process diagnostic, non-destructive testing, process control, quality control