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Published: Kem. Ind. 54 (6) (2005) 303–308
Paper reference number: KUI-13/2004
Paper type: Review
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Ecological and Technological Modernization. Cleaner Production and Environmental Protection

V. Pravdić+


The article is a road map of contemporary trends in protection of the environment from pollution, as seen by screening the open literature. Due to a great number of data and a huge number of references only the identification of trends was posible, defying any attempts to form a coherent reference system. The article is but an annotated bibliography of the most important (by the author’s assessment) papers. The article deals with the following topics: cleaner production, life cycle assessment, the environmental Kuznets curve, and ethics in development investments. The main message of the article is that scientific data need translation into forms usable by decision makers. The article aims to prove the need for multidisciplinary approach to problems: technics and technology are but tools to materialize innovative trends; decisions are being made through political considerations in harmony with economic laws and sociological assessments.

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cleaner production, environment, environmental ethics, environmental protection, Kuznets curve, life-cycle assessment, modernization