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Published: Kem. Ind. 55 (2) (2006) 81–104
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Paper type: Nomenclature note
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Nomenclature and Terminology of Polymers, VI.2. Nomenclature of Regular Single-Strand Organic Polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2002)

V. Jarm


A structure-based nomenclature for regular single-strand organic polymers is described. In concept, a generic name for the polymer (ABC)n is poly(ABC), in which (ABC) is a constitutional repeating unit (CRU) representing the chemical structure of the polymer chain, and A, B, and C are the subunits that comprise the CRU. To provide a unique and unambiguous name, rules are given to identify the preferred CRU and to name it using the names of A, B, and C based on current organic nomenclature. Provisions are made for naming end-groups of the polymers and the polymer substituents. In addition, the document contains a glossary of concepts and definitions, a list of common subunit names, and a variety of examples of structure-based polymer names. The document is a revision of the 1975 Rules.

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organic polymers, single-strand, nomenclature