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Published: Kem. Ind. 55 (7-8) (2006) 333–339
Paper reference number: KUI-13/2005
Paper type: Original scientific paper / History of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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Croatian Chemistry in the 19th Century

S. Paušek-Baždar and N. Trinajstić+


The 19th century progress of chemistry in Croatia is presented. The role of Royal Academy of Science in Zagreb, the restored University of Zagreb, the Royal School of Economy and Forestry in Križevci, and the high schools in the development of the Croatian chemistry are discussed. Important persons, who by their research, teaching and textbooks modernized the Croatian chemistry, are mentioned. It is emphasized the influence of teachers, brought from the several places of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, that at that time were rather advanced in research and teaching of chemistry. Finally, it is pointed out that the first Croatian chemists got their diplomas and doctorates at the foreign universities and that the second generation of Croatian chemists was already getting their degrees at the University of Zagreb.

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Royal Academy of Science in Zagreb, University of Zagreb, Royal School of Economy and Forestry in Križevci, history of Croatian chemistry