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Published: Kem. Ind. 64 (3-4) (2015) 125−141
Paper reference number: KUI-01/2014
Paper type: Review
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Bioactive Molecules – Polycyclic Guanidine Derivatives

M. Šekutor and K. Mlinarić-Majerski


Biological activity of different adamantane derivatives and their application has been described in various reviews. Similarly, many reviews deal with biological activity and application of guanidine compounds. However, up to now no review has been made concerning the guanidine derivatives of adamantane and other polycycles, compounds which incorporate both of these moieties in the same molecule. Therefore, a literature survey of polycyclic guanidine derivatives is here provided and their application as potential pharmacophores stressed.

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adamantane, polycycles, guanidine, bioactive compounds, pharmacophores