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Published: Kem. Ind. 56 (6) (2007) 329–344
Paper reference number: KUI-17/2006
Paper type: Review
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Phosphorus and Fluorine – The Union for Bioregulators

V. P. Kukhar and V. Romanenko


The review demonstrates the very high efficiency and usefulness of the fluorine-phosphorus combination in order to synthesize organic molecules for purposes of modern life science. For biochemistry, the “P-F-union” in biomolecules enables investigation of the enzyme structure and mechanism of action more correctly, as well as creation of new anti-body enzymes. Enhancing or regulation of inhibitor properties of these compounds, their stability or selectivity allows creation of new drugs for treatment of numerous serious diseases, especially viral infections and cancer.

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fluorine, phosphorus, difluoromethylene, phosphonates, phosphates, inhibitors, biomimics