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Published: Kem. Ind. 56 (7-8) (2007) 403–416
Paper reference number: KUI-04/2007
Paper type: Review / History of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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Croatian Chemistry in the 20th Century. I. From the Turn of the Century to May 8, 1945

N. Trinajstić+ and S. Paušek-Baždar


The development of Croatian chemistry in the first half of the 20th century is outlined. In that period Croatia had gone through three political systems – Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1901– 1918), monarchist Yugoslavia (1918–1941) and Independent State of Croatia (1941–1945). The leading people and important developments in Croatian chemistry in those times are delineated. The ground-breaking influence of Gustav Janeček and Nobel prize winner Vladimir Prelog on Croatian chemistry is emphasized, each in a different way. This article follows

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history of Croatian chemistry 1901–1945, chemical and chemical-technological studies, Gustav Janeček, Vladimir Prelog