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Published: Kem. Ind. 57 (10) (2008) 459–463
Paper reference number: KUI-15/2005
Paper type: Professional paper
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Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment in the sequencing batch reactor

M. Roš and J. Vrtovšek


A mixture of Industrial wastewater from chemical industry (varnish, paint and pigments production) and municipal wastewater was treated in pilot sequencing batch reactor (SBR). Results of the pilot experiments show that the foaming problem has great influence on the behavior of SBR, especially when the ratio between industrial and municipal wastewater is very high. Foaming problem was negligible when the mixture with φ = 20 % of the industrial wastewater and φ = 80 % of the municipal wastewater was treated. With the operational cycle of 6 h with anoxic (non-aerated) and aerobic (aerated) phase the required effluent quality was obtained according to regulations for treated wastewater that flows into the recipient. Operational cycle (aerobic phase) can be 60 min shorter at minimal organic and nitrogen loading.

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biological wastewater treatment, chemical industry wastewater, industrial wastewaters, sequencing batch reactor (SBR)