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Published: Kem. Ind. 58 (7-8) (2009) 337–341
Paper reference number: KUI-09/2009
Paper type: Professional paper
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Methods Acronyms – The Witty Side of Science

D. Sović and B. Bertoša


The name of a method usually contains its basic principles. To simplify the name of a method and make it easier to remember, an acronym is often used. However, sometimes the name of a method and its acronym are formed in such a way that the result often has quite a different or even humorous meaning. Here we have sorted out acronyms of scientific methods that have unusual or humorous meaning. The summation is a list of representative methods that represent the true face of science: an interesting, skillful and joyful human activity.

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acronyms, methods, nuclear magnetic resonance, computational chemistry