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Published: Kem. Ind. 60 (6) (2011) 335–342
Paper reference number: KUI-18/2010
Paper type: Original scientific paper
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Kinetics of Leaching Calcium from Dolomite

S. Hoda, S. Rashani, M. Shaqiri, M. Sadiku and A. Azizi


Magnesia is obtained from magnesite ore and the production process applied should remove accompanying minerals that reduce its refractoriness. Given that magnesite reservoirs are more exploited and largely exhausted, there is a growing need for production of magnesia on the basis of other magnesium minerals. Dolomite is a promising source of magnesia because it forms large deposits, is easy to exploit, and generally contains a small quantity of impurities. The kinetics of calcium leaching from dolomite by magnesium-nitrate solution has been studied. The research program included the influence of temperature, mass fraction of magnesium nitrate in solution, dolomite particle size and leaching time. Time dependence of calcium leaching is described by relevant kinetic equations. Rate coefficients, their temperature dependence and Arrhenius activation energy have been determined.

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dolomite, magnesite, pollutants, magnesium nitrate, leaching, environment