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Published: Kem. Ind. 60 (12) (2011) 633–638
Paper reference number: KUI-08/2011
Paper type: Review / History of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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The Periodic Table in Croatia

N. Raos


The Croatian (Yugoslav) Academy of Sciences and Arts was the first academy to elect D. I. Mendeleev as its honorary member (1882), whereas the periodic table of the elements has been taught regularly at the Zagreb University since 1888. The early interest of Croatian chemists in the periodic table should be attributed primarily to their pan-Slavic attitude, particularly as proof that Slavic people were able to produce “their own Newtons” (M. V. Lomonosov and D. I. Mendeleev). Such enthusiastic views, however, did not help in analyzing the contribution of Mendeleev and other scientists to the discovery and development of the periodic table of the elements.

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D. I. Mendeleev, periodic table of the elements, pan-Slavism