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Published: Kem. Ind. 61 (5-6) (2012) 305–309
Paper reference number: KUI-17/2011
Paper type: Nomenclature note
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Dispersity in Polymer Science (IUPAC Recommendations 2009)

M. Rogošić


This recommendation defines just three terms, viz., (1) molar-mass dispersity, relative-molecular- mass dispersity, or molecular-weight dispersity; (2) degree-of-polymerization dispersity; and (3) dispersity. “Dispersity” is a new word, coined to replace the misleading, but widely used term “polydispersity index” for Mw / Mn and Xw / Xn . The document, although brief, also has a broader significance in that it seeks to put the terminology describing dispersions of distributions of properties of polymeric (and non-polymeric) materials on an unambiguous and justifiable footing.

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dispersity, molar-mass dispersity, relative-molecular-mass dispersity, molecular-weight dispersity, degree-of-polymerization dispersity, polydispersity, polydispersity index, IUPAC Polymer Division