33 (4) 2019
CABEQ 33 4 2019 korice LQ

CABEQ 33 (4) (2019) 427-509


Original Scientific Paper

Simulation and Optimization of Coal Gasification in a Moving-bed Reactor to Produce Synthesis Gas Suitable for Methanol Production Unit
M. Shamsi, H. A. Ebrahim and M. J. Azarhoosh
TiO2 Sol-gel Coating as a Transducer Substrate for Impedimetric Immunosensors
R. Adriano Dorledo de Faria, M. Houmard, V. A. M. D. Rosário, V. D. F. C. Lins, L. G. D. Heneine and T. Matencio
Effect of Helichrysum italicum on the Corrosion of Copper in Simulated Acid Rain Solution
Z. Pilić and I. Martinović
Oscillatory Flow Bioreactor (OFB) Applied in Enzymatic Hydrolysis at High Solid Loadings
J. Buchmaier, C. Brunner, U. Griesbacher, A. N. Phan, A. P. Harvey, R. K. Gudiminchi, B. Nidetzky and B. Muster
Comparison of Conventional and Novel Pre-treatment Methods for Bioethanol Production from Fruit and Vegetable Wastes
T. Keskin
Isolation, Kinetics, and Performance of a Novel Phenol Degrading Strain
W. Zhang and X. Xia
Enzymatic Kinetics of Solvent-free Esterification with Bio-imprinted Lipase
M. Matsumoto and Y. Hasegawa
Lipase-catalyzed Solvent-free Synthesis of Polyglycerol 10 (PG-10) Esters
Y. Satyawali, L. Cawenberghs and W. Dejonghe