33 (2) 2019
CABEQ 33 2 2019 korice LQ

CABEQ 33 (2) (2019) 161–293



Potential of Microalgae for the Production of Different Biotechnological Products
M. Grubišić, M. I. Šantek and B. Šantek

Original Scientific Paper

Comparison of various column packing materials efficiency for hydrocarbons and aqueous mixtures
J. Zbytovský, T. Sommer, M. Zapletal and J. Trejbal
Effects of Raschig Ring Packing Patterns on Pressure Drop, Heat Transfer, Methane Conversion, and Coke Deposition on a Semi-pilot-scale Packed Bed Reformer
N. Chutichairattanaphum, P. Narataruksa, K. Pana-Suppamassadu, S. Tungkamani, C. Prapainainar, S. Chotiwan and W. Wattanathana
Inhibitory Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Propolis on Corrosion of Ferritic Stainless Steel in Chloride Media
L. M. P. Dolabella, T. E. D. Santos, T. Matencio, W. L. Vasconcelos and V. Lins
Electrochemical Behavior of AISI 1020 Steel in Type C Commercial Gasolines
R. Marinho Fonseca, R. A. D. D. Faria, J. C. D. S. Evangelista, L. H. O. Souza, B. A. Batista, R. B. Soares and V. D. F. C. Lins
Extraction Mechanism of Ferric and Manganese Ions with Aqueous Two-phase System Formed by Ionic Liquid and Polyethylene Glycol
P. D. Ola and M. Matsumoto
Removal of Cefdinir from Aqueous Solution Using Nanostructure Adsorbents of TiO2, SiO2 and TiO2/SiO2: Equilibrium, Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies
H. B. Yener
Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Solid-State Microencapsulation on Green Activated Carbon - Mass Transfer and Host-Guest Interactions
Z. L. Yaneva
High-Voltage Electric Discharge Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from the Cocoa Bean Shell
S. Jokić, N. Pavlović, A. Jozinović, Đ. Ačkar, J. Babić and D. Šubarić
Removal of Estrogen Hormones (17β-Estradiol and Estrone) from Aqueous Solutions Using Rice Husk Silica
M. H. Zarghi, A. Roudbari, S. Jorfi and N. Jaafarzadeh