33 (1) 2019
CABEQ 33 1 2019 korice LQ

CABEQ 33 (1) (2019) 1-160


Original Scientific Paper

Physicochemical Properties, Cytotoxicity, and Antioxidative Activity of Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents Containing Organic Acid
A. Mitar, M. Panić, J. Prlić Kardum, J. Halambek, A. Sander, K. Z. Kučan, I. Radojčić Redovniković and K. Radošević
Enhanced Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions Using Poly(Pyrrole)-g-Poly(Acrylic Acid-co- Acrylamide)/Fe3O4 Magnetic Hydrogel Nanocomposite Adsorbent
H. . Hosseinzadeh and M. M. Tabatabai Asl
Ultrasonically Facilitated Electrochemical Degradation of Acetaminophen Using Nanocomposite Porous Cathode and Pt Anode
R. Darvishi Cheshmeh Soltani and M. Mashayekhi
Treatment of Bisphenol-A Using Sonication-assisted Photo-Fenton Hybrid Process: Influence of Reaction Parameters
M. Dükkancı
Effects of Phosphorus on Loosely Bound and Tightly Bound Extracellular Polymer Substances in Aerobic Granular Sludge
L. L. Yan, L. B. Yu, Q. P. Liu, X. L. Zhang, Y. Liu, M. Y. Zhang, S. Liu, Y. Ren and Z. L. Chen
Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Production from Natural Gas by a Methanotroph Native Bacterium in a Bubble Column Bioreactor
K. Kosravi-Darani, F. Yazdian, F. Babapour and A. R. Amirsadeghi
Biocatalytic Synthesis of Polymeric Esters Used as Emulsifiers
S. Ortega-Requena, M. Serrano-Arnaldos, M. C. Montiel, M. F. Máximo, J. Bastida and M. D. Murcia Almagro
Influence of Sparger Type and Regime of Fluid on Biomass and Lipid Productivity of Chlorella vulgaris Culture in a Pilot Airlift Photobioreactor
Y. Lopez-Hernandez, C. Orozco, I. Garcia-Peña, J. Ramirez-Muñoz and L. Torres
Study on Sustainable Recovery and Extraction of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) Produced by Cupriavidus necator Using Waste Glycerol for Medical Applications
G. Gahlawat and S. K. . Soni
Surfactant-enhanced Bioremediation of n-Hexadecane-contaminated Soil Using Halo-tolerant Bacteria Paenibacillus glucanolyticus sp. Strain T7-AHV Isolated from Marine Environment
S. Ghafari, Z. Baboli, A. Neisi, S. A. Mirzaee, R. Darvishi Cheshmeh Soltani, R. Saeedi, M. Abtahi and S. Jorfi
Alginate Lyase of a Novel Algae Fermentation Strain
W. Zhang, X. Xia and Z. Zhang
A Comparative Study of Bioprocess Performance for Improvement of Bioethanol Production from Macroalgae
B. İnan and D. Özçimen
Software Sensors for Biomass Concentration Estimation in Filamentous Microorganism Cultivation Process
P. Hrnčiřík, T. Moucha, J. Mareš, J. Náhlík and D. Janáčová
The Role of Redox Potential Measurement in Oak Barrel Wine Maturation
M. Berovič and J. Nemanič