32 (2) 2018
CABEQ 32 2 2018 korice LQ

CABEQ 32 (2) (2018) 151–280


Original Scientific Paper

Degradation Kinetics of Polycarbonate Composites: Kinetic Parameters and Artificial Neural Network
S. J. Charde, S. S. Sonawane, S. H. Sonawane and N. G. Shimpi
Process Optimization and DOE Application in the Synthesis of Rociletinib Intermediate
S. Kapić, I. Nekola, F. Jović and M. Mihovilović
Effect of Simultaneous Steam Explosion and Alkaline Depolymerization on Corncob Lignin and Cellulose Structure
X. Ouyang, L. Chen, S. Zhang, Q. Yuan, W. Wang and R. J. Linhardt
Photooxidative Stability of Polyurethane/Polycarbonate Blends
E. Govorčin Bajsić and E. Zdraveva
Removal of Cationic Tolonium Chloride Dye Using Fe 3O4 Nanoparticles Modified with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
M. H. Abedi, M. Ahmadmoazzam and N. Jaafarzadeh
Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation of Azo Dye and a Real Textile Wastewater Using Mn, Mo, La/TiO2/AC Nanocomposite
S. Jorfi, S. Mirali, A. Mostoufi and M. Ahmadi
COD Removal from High Salinity Petrochemical Wastewater Using Photo-assisted Peroxi-coagulation
S. Jorfi, S. Alavi, N. Jaafarzadeh, F. Ghanbari and M. Ahmadi
Biochemical Neutralization of Coke Excess Sewage Sludge During Anaerobic Digestion Process
B. Macherzyński and M. Włodarczyk-Makuła
Optimization of TBAB-Assisted Lipase-catalyzed Synthesis of L-Ascorbyl Myristate
H. LI, L. Zhang, R. Shen and Y. Liu
Bacillus cereus KLUVAA Mediated Biocement Production Using Hard Water and Urea
V. Anitha, K. Abinaya, S. Prakash, A. Seshagiri Rao and V. Balakrishnan
Cellulase Production by Aspergillus niger ATCC 16888 on Copra Waste from Coconut Milk Process In Layered Packed-bed Bioreactor
T. Chysirichote
In situ Extractive Fermentation of Lactic Acid by Rhizopus oryzae in an Air-lift Bioreactor
M. Matsumoto and H. Furuta