30 (4) 2016
CABEQ 4 16

CABEQ 30 (4) (2016) 393-517


Original Scientific Paper

Agitation Effects and Kinetic Constants of Exoglucomannan Production by Antarctic Yeast Strain in a Stirred Tank Bioreactor
S. D. Vlaev, K. Pavlova, S. Rusinova-Videva, K. Georgieva and D. Georgiev
Effects of Mud from a Zinc-plating Plant and Zeolite Saturated with Zinc on Portland Cement Hydration and Properties of Hardened Cement Pastes
D. Barbir, P. Dabić and A. Lisica
Influence of the Location of the Internal Temperature Control Loop on the Performance of the Dual Temperature Control for Feed Temperature Disturbance
C. Marangoni, E. J. Zierhut, I. G. B. Parisotto, R. A. F. Machado and A. Bolzan
A CFD-based Approach to Predict Explosion Overpressure: A Comparison to Current Methods
C. Díaz-Ovalle, A. López-Molina and R. Vázquez-Román
Study on Some Properties of Calcium-dependent α-Amylase from Bacillus subtilis through Submerged Fermentation of Wheat Bran
M. Irfan, M. Nadeem, Q. Syed, H. Abdullah Shakir and J. Iqbal Qazi
Influence of Acidity and Extraction Time on the Recovery of Flavonoids from Grape Skin Pomace Optimized by Response Surface Methodology
P. Putnik, D. Bursac Kovacevic, M. Radojčin and V. . Dragović-Uzelac
The Influence of Aeration and Type of Coagulant on Effectiveness in Removing Pollutants from Groundwater in the Process of Coagulation
I. Krupińska
Radical Scavenging Activity of Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone and Assessment of Stability of Palm Oil (Elaeis guineensis) by Ultrasonic Studies
M. Banu, Siddaramaiah and N. Prasad
Thermal Performance and Viscosity of Biologically Produced Silver/Coconut Oil Nanofluids
M. M. Sarafraz, A. Arya, V. Nikkhah and F. Hormozi
Characterization of Casein Fractions – Comparison of Commercial Casein and Casein Extracted from Cow’s Milk
A. Ptiček Siročić, L. Kratofil Krehula, Z. Katančić and Z. Hrnjak Murgić
Covalent Immobilization and Characterization of Penicillin G Acylase on Magnetic NiFe2O4 Nanorods Prepared via a Novel Rapid Combustion Process
R. Liu, Y. Li, J. Han and H. X. Fu


A Review on Geotrichum Lipases: Production, Purification, Immobilization and Applications
R. R. Maldonado, D. B. Lopes, E. Aguiar-Oliveira, E. S. Kamimura and G. A. Macedo