30 (2) 2016
CABEQ 2 16

CABEQ 30 (2) (2016) 137-278


Original Scientific Paper

Reuse of Woody Biomass Ash Waste in Cementitious Materials
N. Ukrainczyk, N. Vrbos and E. A. B. Koenders
Numerical Investigations of Two-phase Flows through Enhanced Microchannels
A. K. Chandra, K. Kishor, P. K. Mishra and M. S. Alam
Improving the Prediction of Cement Compressive Strength by Coupling of Dynamical Models
D. Tsamatsoulis
Growth Characteristics and Ergosterol Content of Grifola frondosa in Various Solid-state Substrates
A. Gregori, M. Švagelj, D. Voglar and M. Berovič
Performance Evaluation of Tergitol NP-7 and Triton X-114 for the Removal of Crystal Violet Using Cloud-point Extraction
D. Duraimurugan, L. Mathuri, J. Indulekha and A. Arunagiri
Reactor Network Synthesis Using Coupled Genetic Algorithm with the Quasi-linear Programming Method
H. Soltani, S. Shafiei and J. Edraki
Diffusion and Inhibition Processes in a Hollow-fiber Membrane Bioreactor for Hybridoma Culture. Development of a Mathematical Model
L. Legazpi, A. Laca, S. Collado, A. Laca and M. Díaz
A Novel Solid-acid Catalyst Using Sulfonated Crosslinked Chitosan Resin
C. L. Tang, L. P. Lv, Y. T. Xu, Y. F. Tan and L. C. Dong
Physical and Biophysical Pretreatment of Water Hyacinth Biomass for Cellulase Enzyme Production
F. Amriani, F. A. Salim, I. Iskandinata, D. Khumsupan and Z. Barta
Extraction of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Seeds: Process Optimization and Antioxidant Capacity of the Extracts
G. Angelov and S. Boyadzhieva
Valorization of Potato-processing Residues for the Production of Lactic Acid
M. Smerilli, M. Neureiter, C. Haas, S. Frühauf and W. Fuchs
Industrial Applications of Endoglucanase Obtained from Novel and Native Trichoderma atroviride
S. Sahin, I. Ozmen and H. Bıyık