Published: CABEQ 30 (2) (2016) 189-198
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Performance Evaluation of Tergitol NP-7 and Triton X-114 for the Removal of Crystal Violet Using Cloud-point Extraction

D. Duraimurugan, L. Mathuri, J. Indulekha and A. Arunagiri

In the present study, a cloud-point extraction process has been developed to remove crystal violet dye using two different non-ionic surfactants, Tergitol NP-7 and Triton X-114. For different concentrations of dye and surfactant, cloud-point temperatures were determined for Tergitol NP-7 and Triton X-114. The effectiveness of two different surfactants, Triton X-114 and Tergitol NP-7, for the removal of dye from synthetic solution was investigated. The effects of surfactant and dye concentrations, as well as operating temperature on phase volume ratio, preconcentration factor, distribution coefficient, and extraction efficiency were studied. The optimum dosage of surfactant can be 0.05 M for both surfactants for removing crystal violet. The results showed that 97 % of crystal violet can quantitatively be removed by cloud-point extraction at 0.05 M surfactant concentration in a single extraction. The performance of Tergitol NP-7 was found to be more effective than Triton X-114 for the removal of crystal violet using CPE.

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cloud-point extraction, crystal violet, Tergitol NP-7, Triton X-114, extraction efficiency