14 (4) 2000
Cabeq 2007 04 korice

CABEQ 14 (4) (2000) 109–146


Original Scientific Paper

The Effects of Stirring Speed on Coupled Transport of Nitrite Ions Through Liquid Membranes
N. Demircioğlu, M. Levent, M. Kobya and N. Topçu
The Use of Flux Enhancement Methods for High Flux Cross-flow Membrane Microfiltration Systems
P. Mikulášek, J. Cakl, P. Pospíšil and P. Doleček
Safe Design in Dryers for Food Industry
G. Spigno and D. M. De Faveri
Model Based Constant Feed Fed-Batch L-Sorbose Production Process for Improvement in L-Sorbose Productivity
R. Giridhar and A. K. Srivastava

Preliminary Communication

Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water Using Ion Exchange – Comparison of Chloride and Bicarbonate Form of the Resins
M. Matošić, I. Mijatović and E. Hodžić