Published: CABEQ 14 (4) (2000) 141–146
Paper type: Preliminary Communication

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Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water Using Ion Exchange – Comparison of Chloride and Bicarbonate Form of the Resins

M. Matošić, I. Mijatović and E. Hodžić

Experiments have been carried out to investigate nitrate removal from aqueous solution using two strong base anion exchange resins (IMAC HP-555 and HP-441 from ROHM&HAAS) in chloride and bicarbonate form. Four theoretical adsorption isotherms were used to describe the experimental results. Influence of initial nitrate concentration, sulphate-nitrate ratio and specific flow rate on the performance of resins was determined. Regeneration curves for various types of regenerants were generated from experimental data and the distribution coefficients for different initial nitrate concentrations and temperatures were estimated.

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Nitrate removal, ion exchange