20 (2) 2006
Cabeq 2006 02 korice

CABEQ 20 (2) (2006) 111–224


Original Scientific Paper

Bubble and Dew Point Calculations in Multicomponent and Multireactive Mixtures
A. Bonilla-Petriciolet, A. Acosta-Martínez, U. I. Bravo-Sánchez and J. G. Segovia-Hernández
Effects of Raney-type Nickel Catalyst Production Scale Pretreatment
R. Agnič and M. Resnik
Dynamic Behavior of Thermally Coupled Distillation Configurations for the Separation of Multicomponent Mixtures
J. G. Segovia-Hernández and S. Hernández
The Behavior of Counter-current Packed Bed in the Proximity of the Flooding Point Under Periodic Variations of Inlet Velocities
J. Ondracek, P. Stavarek, V. Jiřičný and V. Staněk
Deterministic Model for Noise Dispersion from Gas Flaring: A Case Study of Niger – Delta Area of Nigeria
A. S. Abdulkareem and J. O. Odigure
A non Cubic Equation of State for Describing the pρT Properties of Pure Components and Their Mixtures
V. Brandani, V. Gallese and S. Brandani
3D-QSAR/CoMFA Models as aTool for Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering
J. D. Carballeira Rodríguez, E. Alvarez Ruiz and J. V. Sinisterra Gago
Effect of Substrate Concentration on the Synthesis of Cefaclor by Penicillin Acylase with in Situ Product Removal
Y. Zhang, D. Li, Q. Song, S. Liu and D. Z. Wei
Operation of Biofilter with Mixed Agricultural Residue as Filter Material: Effects of Humidification and Inlet Hydrogen Sulfide Volume fraction on the Performance
A. Gangagni Rao, P. Ravichandra and A. Jetty
An Approach to the Simulation of a Batch-respirometer
D. Goi, G. Di Giorgio, I. Cimarosti, M. Mion and G. Dolcetti
Anaerobic Thermophilic Colonization of Porous Support
M. Pérez, L. I. Romero, R. Rodríguez-Cano and D. Sales
Studies on Bacterial Growth and Arsenic (III) Biosorption Using Bacillussubtilis
S. Masud Hossain and N. Anantharaman
Advantages and Perspective of Fortified Agarised Media Application
M. Bošnjak, Ž. Bošnjak Cihlar and D. Kirša