Published: CABEQ 20 (2) (2006) 119–123
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Effects of Raney-type Nickel Catalyst Production Scale Pretreatment

R. Agnič and M. Resnik

The need for optimizing chemical production processes in pharmaceutical industry by taking economic issues into account has increased more than ever before. This work deals with the hydrogenation of TLP (N-3-fluor-acethyl-L-lisil-L-proline) over Raney-type Nickel catalysts for the production of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and presents two specific findings at a production site, which influence the overall performance of the process. It is shown that the Raney-type Nickel catalyst pretreatment and the impurities present in the reactants have a large impact on the catalyst surface activity. Both considerably affect the number of cycles a batch of catalyst can be reused, which can obviously lead to increased cost efficiency.

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Raney-type Nickel catalyst, pretreatment, purity of reactant, impurities