21 (4) 2007
Cabeq 2007 04 korice

CABEQ 21 (4) (2007) 307–446

In Memoriam: Prof. Dr. WOLF-DIETER DECKWER (August 3, 1941 – October 4, 2006)

Original Scientific Paper

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects of Mercury Sorption on Activated Carbon in the Process of Mercury Bioreduction
P. Gluszcz, S. Ledakowicz, J. Petera and W. Deckwer
Application of pH and pO2 Probes During Bacillus caldolyticus Fermentation: An Additional Approach for Improving a Feeding Strategy
J. Bader, K. Schwab, R. Bajpai and B. Neumann
Microbial Production of 3-Hydroxypropionaldehyde from Glycerol Bioconversion
C. Ulmer and A. Zeng
Theoretical Prediction of Mass Transfer Coefficients in a Slurry Bubble Column Operated in the Homogeneous Regime
S. Nedeltchev and A. Schumpe
Specification and Supervision of System Performance in Yeast Bioprocesses
E. Franco-Lara, R. Krull, D. Hempel and A. Haarstrick
Photobioreactor Design and Fluid Dynamics
J. C. Merchuk, F. Garcia-Camacho and E. Molina-Grima
Simultaneous Measurements of Gas-Solid Flow Rates and Pressure Drop in Downcomer of J-Valve in CFB
T. Goshima and K. Terasaka
Gas-Liquid Interfacial Area, Bubble Size and Liquid-Phase Mass Transfer Coefficient in a Three-Phase External Loop Airlift Bubble Column
M. Yoshimoto, S. Suenaga, K. Furumoto, K. Fukunaga and K. Nakao
Hydrodynamic and Mass Transfer Properties in a Three Phase External Loop Airlift Compared with a Three Phase Internal Loop Airlift and a Slurry Bubble Column
K. Nakao, S. Suenaga, K. Furumoto, M. Yoshimoto and K. Fukunaga
Performance Evaluation of a Full-Scale Deep U-Tube Utilizing Ozonated Oxygen as the Process Gas for Treating Drinking Water
K. Muroyama, E. Shibutani, T. Tsuji and M. Shimizu
Monitoring of Yeast Metabolism with Calorimetry
Ş. Yonsel, G. Bülbül-Çaliskan, M. Köni and L. Dagasan
Oxygen Solubility and Oxygen Transfer and Uptake Rates as Functions of Water Activity
M. Bošnjak and K. Mihaljević
Modelling Bistable Genetic Regulatory Circuits Under Variable Volume Framework
G. Maria


Drift Flux Distribution Parameter in Three-Phase Air-Lift Reactors
C. Wulfes and R. Bajpai