23 (1) 2009
Cabeq 2009 01 korice

CABEQ 23 (1) (2009) 1–120


Original Scientific Paper

Experimental Determination of Surface Stress Changes in Electrochemical Systems – Possibilities and Pitfalls
G. G. Láng, N. S. Sas and S. Vesztergom
Differential Capacity of Bromide Anions Adsorption onto Ag(100) in the Absence, and onto Ag(poly) in the Presence of NaClO4
V. D. Jović
The Study of Capacitance Change during Electrolyte Penetration through Carbon-Supported Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide Prepared by the Sol-Gel Procedure
V. V. Panić, A. B. Dekanski, V. B. Mišković-Stanković and B. Ž. Nikolić
The Advantages of Using an Electrochemical Quartz Nanobalance to Study the Electrochemical Conversions of Solid Microparticles
G. Inzelt and A. Róka
Corrosion Behavior of Composite Coatings Obtained by Electrolytic Codeposition of Copper with Al2O3 Nanoparticles
I. Zamblau, S. Varvara, C. Bulea and L. M. Muresan
Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Study of Benzotriazole Films Formed on Copper, Copper-zinc Alloys and Zinc in Chloride Solution
I. Milošev and T. Kosec
Electrochemical and AFM Study of Corrosion Inhibition with Respect to Application Method
H. Otmačić Ćurković, K. Marušić, E. Stupnišek-Lisac and J. Telegdi
Modeling of Biochemical Nitrate Reduction in Constant Electric Field
T. Parvanova-Mancheva, V. Beschkov and T. Sapundzhiev
Glucose Electrooxidation for Biofuel Cell Applications
I. Ivanov, T. R. Vidaković and K. Sundmacher
Amperometric Adhesion Signals of Liposomes, Cells and Droplets
N. Ivošević DeNardis, V. Žutić, V. Svetličić and R. Frkanec
A Simple But Highly Selective Electrochemical Sensor for Dopamine
R. Doyle, C. B. Breslin and A. D. Rooney
Electrochemical and STM Study of α,ω-alkanedithiols Self-assembled Monolayers
V. C. Ferreira, F. Silva and L. M. Abrantes
Electrolytes Based on Primary Ammonium Salts as Ionic Liquids for PEMFC-membranes
M. Hanna, J. Lepretre and J. Sanchez