32 (1) 2018
CABEQ 32 1 2018 korice LQ

CABEQ 32 (1) (2018) 1-150


Original Scientific Paper

Process to Convert Karanja Oil to Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Using Amberlyst15 as a Catalyst
A. K. Gupta and G. . Deo
Reactive Crystallization of Calcium Oxalate: Population Balance Modeling
K. Rewatkar, D. Z. Shende and K. L. Wasewar
Recovery of Acrylic Acid Using Calcium Peroxide Nanoparticles: Thermodynamics and Continuous Column Study
B. S. De, K. L. Wasewar, V. R. Dhongde and P. B. Sontakke
Recovery of Acrylic Acid Using Calcium Peroxide Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterisation, Batch Study, Equilibrium, and Kinetics
B. S. De, K. L. Wasewar, V. R. Dhongde, S. S. Madan and A. Gomase
Synthesis, Characterization, and Impregnation of Some Ionic Liquids on Polymer Membrane for Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Its Mixture with Methane
T. T. L. Bui, H. T. N. Uong, L. V. Nguyen and N. C. Pham
A Novel Combination of Surfactant Addition and Persulfate-assisted Electrokinetic Oxidation for Remediation of Pyrene-Contaminated Soil
M. Abtahi, S. Jorfi, N. Mehrabi, R. Saeedi, R. D. C. Soltani and G. Barzegar
Photocatalytic Oxidation of Azo Dyes and Oxalic Acid in Batch Reactors and CSTR: Introduction of Photon Absorption by Dyes to Kinetic Models
I. Grčić and N. Koprivanac
Performance Evaluation of Bulk Liquid Membrane Technique on p-Nitrophenol Removal from Aqueous Solution
K. Pourkhanali, M. Saleh and G. Khayati
A New Optimization Strategy to Improve Design of Hydrogen Network Based Formulation of Hydrogen Consumers
M. R. S. Birjandi, F. Shahraki and K. Razzaghi
Water Flooding and Viscous Fingering in Fracture and Porous Media by Lattice Boltzmann Method
Y. Shiri, H. Hassani, M. Nazari and M. Sharifi
Alcohol Dehydrogenase of a Novel Algae Fermentation Strain Meyerozyma guilliermondii
W. Zhang, Z. Zhang, L. Bao, X. Zhang and H. Cui
Effects of Inhibitors on the Catalysis and Immobilization of Cephalosporin C Acylase
H. Luo, K. Han, Y. Chang, Y. Wang, S. Tong, Z. Nie, X. Wang, Y. Wei, H. Yu and Z. Shen
Production of D-Glyceric Acid by a Two-step Culture Strategy Based on Whole-cell Biocatalysis of Acetobacter tropicalis
B. Wang, Y. Pu, H. G. Gerken, Y. Xie, L. Lin, H. Chen and Y. Lu
Impact of Different Bacterial Strains on the Production, Composition, and Properties of Novel Polyhydroxyalkanoates Using Crude Palm Oil as Substrate
P. R. Rodrigues and J. I. Druzian