31 (1) 2017
CABEQ 1 17

CABEQ 31 (1) (2017) 1-130

In memoriam Prof. Egon Bauman

Original Scientific Paper

Effect of Fluidized Bed Stirring on Drying Process of Adhesive Particles
P. Hoffman, M. Pěnička and I. Fort
Flow of Viscoelastic Fluid through a Helical Coil
A. Sobti, R. Sehgal and R. K. Wanchoo
Optimization of the Sequence of Washing Reverse Osmosis Membranes Used for Seawater Desalination
S. GUTIERREZ RUIZ, J. A. López Ramírez, M. Hassani Zerrouk and J. M. Quiroga Alonso
Reactive Separation of Gallic Acid: Experimentation and Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Network
K. Rewatkar, D. Z. Shende and K. L. Wasewar
Removal of Basic Nitrogen Compounds from Fuel Oil with [Hnmp]H2PO4 Ionic Liquid
Z. Zhou, W. Li and J. liu
Functionalization of MWCNT by –SO3H and –COOH Groups and Their Application as Solid Acidic Catalysts for Esterification of Waste Chicken Fat
A. Shokuhi Rad, M. lotfinezhad, E. Ganjian, S. Afrashteh and H. Reza Ghorbani
Combined Approaches to Xylose Production from Corn Stover by Dilute Acid Hydrolysis
A. Fehér, C. Fehér, M. Rozbach and Z. Barta
Batch Cultivation Model for Biopolymer Production
C. E. Torres-Cerna, A. Y. Alanis, I. Poblete-Castro and E. A. Hernandez-Vargas
A Comparative Study of Temperature Optimal Control in a Solid State Fermentation Process for Edible Mushroom Growing
K. J. gurubel, A. Sanchez, A. Coronado-Mendoza and E. N. Sanchez
Influence of Storage Strategies on the Reactivation Characteristics of Shortcut Nitrification Aerobic Granular Sludge
L. Yan, Y. Guo, X. Zhang, L. Yu, X. Bao, G. Hao, Z. Chen and Y. Ren
Kinetics Studies on the Process of Zn Removal from Wastewater Using Ultrasonically Activated Sorbents
R. Flores and S. Espinoza


Biofuels and Their Production Through Different Catalytic Routes
S. Biswas, R. Katiyar, P. B. R. Gurjar and . V. Pruthi