30 (3) 2016
CABEQ 3 16

CABEQ 30 (3) (2016) 279-391

Essentica Ethanol ad

Original Scientific Paper

Derivation of Pareto Optimal Operating Policies Based on Safety Indices for a Catalytic Multi-tubular Reactor Used for Nitrobenzene Hydrogenation
G. Maria, H. H. S. Khwayyir and D. Dinculescu
Integration of Hydrogen Systems in Petroleum Refinery
L. Matijašević and M. Petrić
Exergoeconomic Distillation Sequencing by Multi-objective Optimization through a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Y. Özçelik and S. O. Mert
Optimal Reactive Extraction of Valeric Acid from Aqueous Solutions Using Tri-n-propyl amine/Diluent and Dibenzyl amine/Diluent Systems
A. Senol, M. Bilgin and B. Baslioglu
Growth Kinetics, Light Dynamics, and Lipid Production in Microalgae from Sugar-Mill Ponds
B. C. Benson, B. J. Meyer, R. Bajpai, D. D. Gang, S. T. Dufreche and M. E. Zappi
Effects of Sterile Ulva sp. Growth Rate on Water Quality Control of Intensive Shrimp Culture Pond in Developing Countries
H. Habaki, Y. Aoki, R. Egashira, K. Sato and T. Eksangsri
Biovalorization of Brewery Waste by Applying Anaerobic Digestion
R. Vitanza, A. Cortesi, V. Gallo, I. Colussi and M. E. . De Arana-Sarabia
Kinetic Study of the Thermochemical Degradation of Lignocellulosic Materials Based on TG-FTIR, Py-GC/MS and 13C NMR Experiments
I. Hrablay and L. Jelemenský
Characterization of Dolomitic Lime as the Base Reagent for Precipitation of Mg(OH)2 from Seawater
J. Jakić, M. Labor and V. Martinac
Rhizomucor miehei Lipase-Immobilized Sodium Alginate Membrane Preparation and Usage in a Pervaporation Biocatalytic Membrane Reactor
F. Ugur Nigiz and N. Durmaz Hilmioglu