29 (4) 2015
CABEQ 29 4 2015

CABEQ 29 (4) (2015) 491–623


Original Scientific Paper

Multiobjective Stochastic Optimization of Dividing-wall Distillation Columns Using a Surrogate Model Based on Neural Networks
C. Gutiérrez-Antonio and A. Briones-Ramírez
Catalytic Activities of Transition Metal Phosphides for NO Dissociation and Reduction With CO
Z. Yao, X. Qiao, D. Liu, Y. Shi and Y. Zhao
Rheological Studies Dedicated to the Development of a Novel Injectable Polymeric Blend for Viscosupplementation Treatment
R. Lapasin, F. Segatti, D. Mercuri, G. De Conti, C. Spagnul and S. Fusi
Simulating and Optimizing Hydrogen Production by Low-pressure Autothermal Reforming of Natural Gas using Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II
M. J. Azarhoosh, H. Ale Ebrahim and S. H. Pourtarah
Automated Classification of Bioprocess Based on Optimum Compromise Whitening and Clustering
J. Kukal, J. Mareš, J. Náhlík, P. Hrnčiřík and M. Klimt
Enhancement of Biohydrogen Production via Thermophilic Cell Culture Immobilized on Glass Beads and Raschig Rings of Different Sizes in a Packed Bed Reactor
E. A. Pekguzel, T. Keskin and N. Azbar
Kinetic Study of the Heterogeneous Catalytic Esterification of Acetic Acid with Methanol Using Amberlyst®15
S. Lux, T. Winkler, G. Berger and M. Siebenhofer
Effect of Glycosylation of β-Glucuronidase on its Catalytic Properties in Ionic Liquids
H. Tang, B. Wei, S. Huang, M. S. Ahmed, H. Yang, K. Lou, Y. Shi, X. Feng and C. Li
Enhanced Steroid Metabolites Production by Resting Cell Phytosterol Bioconversion
X. Gao, J. Feng, X. Wang, Q. Hua and D. Z. Wei
Catalytic Conversion of Dihydroxyacetone to Lactic Acid with Brønsted Acids and Multivalent Metal Ions
S. Lux and M. Siebenhofer
Integrated Process of Arabinose Biopurification and Xylitol Fermentation Based on the Diverse Action of Candida boidinii
F. Fehér, Z. Gazsó, B. Gál, A. Kontra, Z. Barta and K. Réczey
Effective Utilization and Conversion of Spent Distillery Liquid to Valuable Products Using an Intensified Technology of Two-stage Biological Sequestration
R. Ravikumar and V. Karthik
The Removal Effect of Pollutants and Components in Extracellular Polymeric Substances from Aerobic Granular Sludge in Simultaneous Removal of Organic Matter and Ammonia Nitrogen
Y. Ren, Y. Liu, G. Hao, Y. Wen, Z. Chen and L. Yan
Esterification of High Free Fatty Acid Rice Bran Oil: Parametric and Kinetic Study
R. Arora, A. P. Toor and R. K. Wanchoo