20 (4) 2006
CABEQ 20 4 2006

CABEQ 20 (4) (2006) 353–478


Original Scientific Paper

Application of Lumping Analysis in Modelling the Living Systems – A Trade-off Between Simplicity and Model Quality
G. Maria
Applicability of Mathematical Models in Defining the Behaviour Kinetics Distinction Among Microbial Strains
M. Bošnjak, A. Bago Joksović, J. Pigac, Ž. Bošnjak Cihlar and D. Hranueli
Horizontal Tubular Bioreactors in Biotechnology
B. Šantek, M. Ivančić Šantek, P. Horvat, S. Novak and V. Marić
Investigation on the Transient Conditions of a Rotating Biological Contactor for Bioethanol Production
A. Converti, D. De Faveri, P. Perego, J. M. Domínguez, J. C. M. Carvalho, M. S. A. Palma and M. Del Borghi
Treatment of Domestic Wastewater with Simultaneous Electricity Generation in Microbial Fuel Cell under Continuous Operation
S. J. You, Q. L. Zhao, J. Q. Jiang and J. N. Zhang
α-Amylase Production in Fed Batch Cultivation of Bacillus caldolyticus: An Interpretation of Fermentation Course Using 2-D Gel Electrophoresis
J. Bader, B. Neumann, K. Schwab, C. Scheler and R. Bajpai
Biotransformation of Phytosterols to Androstenedione in Two Phase Water-oil Systems
S. Stefanov, D. Yankov and V. Beschkov
Removal of Pollutants with Activated Carbon Produced from K2CO3 Activation of Lignin From Reed Black Liquors
Y. Sun, J. Zhang, G. Yang and Z. Li
Ammoxidation of Straw Pulp Alkaline Lignin by Hydrogen Peroxide with Iron(II) Cation
Q. Jiang, X. Zhang, H. Mo and Z. Li
Characterisation of Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Residues as Raw Materials for Ethanol Production
C. Martín, Y. López, Y. Plasencia and E. Hernández
Process Calorimetry on Solid-state Fermentation of Vinegar Wastes in Bioreactor with Air Pressure Pulsation
J. Liu and J. C. Yang
Effect of Temperature on the Formation and Decomposition of Butan-2-3-dione in Wort Brewed with Sorghum and Barley During Fermentation
M. O. Nkiko, E. A. Taiwo, A. Uruebor and A. Ogunyemi
Hydrolysis of Micron Alkylketene Dimert Particles Under Alkaline Conditions
D. Ravnjak, A. Može and I. Plazl