27 (2) 2013
Cabeq 2013 02 korice

CABEQ 27 (2) (2013) 119–250


Original Scientific Paper

Dimensional Analysis of non-Newtonian Fluids
J. Pawlowski
Distillation End Point Estimation in Diesel Fuel Production
I. Mohler, Ž. Ujević Andrijić and G. Galinec
Optimizing the Sulphates Content of Cement Using Multivariable Modelling and Uncertainty Analysis
D. Tsamatsoulis and N. Nikolakakos
Xanthan Gum Recovery from Palm Oil-Based Fermentation Broth by Hollow Fibre Microfiltration (MF) Membrane with Process Optimisation Using Taguchi Method
M. Sufian So’aib, M. Sabet, J. Krishnan and M. V. P. S. Veluri
Biosynthesis and Characterization of Biodiesel from Cottonseed Oil Using Pseudomonas fluorescences Lipase and the Performance of its Blend (B20) in diesel Engine
K. Karuppasamy, A. Syed Abu Thaheer and C. Ahmed Basha
Experimental Study and CFD Simulation of Mass Transfer Characteristics of a Gas-Induced Pulsating Flow Bubble Column
Z. Zhou, Q. Yuan, X. Jia, W. Feng and J. Wen
Production Optimization, Molecular Characterization and Biological Activities of Exopolysaccharides from Xylaria nigripes
Y. P. Ma, D. B. Mao, L. J. Geng, W. Y. Zhang, Z. Wang and C. P. Xu
COD Fractions in Sewage Flowing into Polish Sewage Treatment Plants
Z. Sadecka, A. Jêdrczak, E. Pluciennik-Koropczuk, S. Myszograj and M. Suchowska-Kisielewicz
Hybrid Intelligent Inverse Optimal Control for Methane Production in an Anaerobic Process
K. J. Gurubel, F. Ornelas-Tellez, E. N. Sanchez and S. Carlos-Hernandez
Light-gradient Mixing Performance Improvement of the Flat Plate Photobioreactor with Waved Baffles
L. Wang and X. You
Waste Phosphogypsum – Toward Sustainable Reuse in Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement Based Building Materials
N. Franković Mihelj, N. Ukrainczyk, S. Leaković and J. Šipušić
Continuous Production of 1,3-Propanediol Using Waste Glycerol with Clostridium beijerinckii NRRL B-593 Immobilized on Glass Beads and Glass Rushing Rings
C. Gonen, M. Gungormusler and N. Azbar
Efficiencies of Growth and Angiostatin Expression in Cultures of Pichia pastoris Fed with Mixed Carbon Sources
J. Xie, R. Yang, Q. Zhou, P. Du, R. Gan and Q. Ye
Bioflocculants Produced by Gram-positive Bacillus xn12 and Streptomyces xn17 for Swine Wastewater Application
C. Zhang, Y. Cui and Y. Wang