25 (3) 2011
Cabeq 2011 03 korice

CABEQ 25 (3) (2011) 283–402


Original Scientific Paper

Combustion of Active Carbon as a Model Carbon Material: Comparison of Non-catalytic and Catalytic Oxidation
V. Tomašić, I. Brnardić, H. Jenei, V. Kosar and S. Zrnčević
Fisher-Tropsch Synthesis on Alumina Supported Iron-Nickel Catalysts: Effect of Preparation Methods
M. Sarkari, F. Fazlollahi, A. Razmjooie and A. A. Mirzaei
Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution Using a Sulfa Drug
A. Samide, B. Tutunaru and C. Negrila
Separation of Copper from Chalcopyrite – Ammoniacal Leach Liquor Containing Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium by Supported Liquid Membrane
A. O. Adebayo and K. Sarangi
Biological and Non-biological Methods for Silver Nanoparticles Synthesis
H. Reza Ghorbani, A. Akbar Safekordi, H. Attar and S. M. Rezayat Sorkhabadi
Modeling Plain Vacuum Drying by Considering a Dynamic Capillary Pressure
S. Sandoval-Torres, J. Rodríguez-Ramírez and L. L. Méndez-Lagunas
Biogas Production in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants – Current Status in EU with a Focus on the Slovak Republic
I. Bodík, S. Sedláček, M. Kubaská and M. Hutòan
Uptake Rate of Ammonia-nitrogen With Sterile Ulva sp. for Water Quality Control of Intensive Shrimp Culture Ponds in Developing Countries
H. Habaki, S. Tajiri, R. Egashira and K. Sato
Medium Optimization for Nitrilase Production by Newly Isolated Rhodococcus erythropolis ZJB-0910 Using Statistical Designs
H. Dong, Z. Liu, Y. Zheng and Y. Shen
Kinetics of Esterification of Ethylene Glycol with Acetic Acid Using Cation Exchange Resin Catalyst
V. P. Yadav, S. K. Maity, P. Biswas and R. K. Singh
Optimization of Conditions for High Production of 3-HPA through Mathematical Modelling of Series Reactions by Resting Lactobacillus reuteri
G. Chen, J. Zhao, Y. Q. Xiao, H. W. Chen and B. S. Fang
Optimization of Medium Compositions Using Statistical Experimental Design to Produce Lipase by Bacillus subtilis
S. Cheng, Y. Wang and F. Liu
Modeling and Application of Controlled-fed Perfusion Culture of CHO Cells in a Bioreactor
X. N. Teng, X. P. Yi, X. M. Sun and Y. X. Zhang
Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase on a Novel Crosslinked Chitosan Support Grafted with L-Lysine Spacers
L. C. Dong, G. Wang, Y. Xiao, Y. Xu, X. Zhou, H. Jiang and Q. Luo