38 (1) 2024
CABEQ 38 1 2024 korice

CABEQ 38 (1) (2024) 1-95



Current Progress on the Microalgae-mediated Treatment of Pharmaceutical Active Compounds
S. Ahmed, G. Mujtaba, M. Rizwan, S. Ahmed, M. Raza and S. W. Ali

Original Scientific Paper

Reactive Separation of Vanillic Acid Using Tri-n-butyl Phosphate
D. S. Eshwar, F. M. Antony, A. Kumar and K. Wasewar
A Simple Hybrid Approach for the Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks Involving Internal Utility Exchangers
H. Soltani and Z. Pirzadeh
Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Nano-sized DD3R Zeolite Powder in Thin DD3R Membrane Synthesis of thin DD3R membrane
M. Vaezi, M. G. Geranbaha, S. M. Moghimi and A. A. Babaluo
Doxorubicin Removal from Water using Acid-treated Activated Carbon, Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes, and Montmorillonite
N. Rezaei, J. Rahbar Shahrouzi, A. Ebadi, F. Towfighi and F. Moradi
Study on Alcoholysis of Waste PET and Its Application in Wood Modification
W. Xiang, Z. Li, B. Zhang, H. Tang, X. Yuan and T. Xu
Enzymatic Mechanism and Energetics in the Optimized Biosynthesis of the Flavor and Fragrance Ester Geranyl Acetate
N. S. Yaakub, M. S. Mohamad Annuar, N. N. A. Razak and K. Khalid