27 (1) 2013
Cabeq 2013 01 korice

CABEQ 27 (1) (2013) 1–117

Editorial: CEC and CABEQ: A Story of 35 Years
Editorial: 3rd International Symposium on Environmental Management, SEM – Towards Sustainable Technologies

Original Scientific Paper

Removal of Glucocorticosteroids and Anesthetics from Water with RO/NF Membranes
D. Dolar, K. Košutić, D. Ašperger and S. Babić
Nitrate Removal in a Continuous-Flow Stirred Reactor
L. Foglar
Application of Foundry Waste for Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium
A. Štrkalj, Z. Glavaš and I. Brnardić
Design of Fixed Bed Column for Lead Removal on Natural Zeolite Based on Batch Studies
N. Vukojević Medvidović, J. Perić, M. Trgo, I. Nuić and M. Ugrina
Influence of Ultrasonic and Microwave Irradiation on Cation Exchange Properties of Clay Material
A. Švarc, Š. Ukić, S. Radojević Lacković, B. Ðuričić, M. Novak and T. Bolanča
Photocatalytic Treatment of Air: How to deal with the problem of TiO2 deactivation
F. Jović, V. Tomašić, A. Davidson, J. P. Nogier, W. Li and V. Kosar
Sol-gel Derived Mixed Metal Oxide Sorbents for High Temperature Gas Desulfurization
V. Mandić, T. Očko, G. Matijašić and S. Kurajica
Treatment of Tobacco Dust Leachate by Activated Sludge – Evaluation of Biokinetic Parameters
M. Vuković Domanovac, I. Ćosić, M. Sojčić and F. Briški
Composting of Tobacco Dust in Different Types of Reactors
N. Kopčić, M. Vuković Domanovac, F. Briški and Z. Ðaković
Chemical Recycling of Postconsumer Poly(ethylene-terephthalate) Bottles – Depolymerization Study
A. Ptiček Siročić, A. Fijačko and Z. Hrnjak-Murgić
Subcritical Water – a Perspective Reaction Media for Biomass Processing to Chemicals: Study on Cellulose Conversion as a Model for Biomass
I. Pavlovič, Ž. Knez and M. Škerget
Calcium Sulfoaluminate Eco-Cement from Industrial Waste
N. Ukrainczyk, N. Franković Mihelj and J. Šipušić
Hydration Study of Ordinary Portland Cement in the Presence of Lead(II) Oxide
D. Barbir, P. Dabić and P. Krolo
Alternative Processes for Removing Organic Sulfur Compounds from Petroleum Fractions
M. Mužic and K. Sertić-Bionda
Isolation and Selection of Sulfur-oxidizing Bacteria for the Treatment of Sulfur-containing Hazardous Wastes
N. G. Rojas-Avelizapa, M. Gómez-Ramírez, R. Hernández-Gama, J. Aburto and R. García de León