Published: CABEQ 15 (1) (2001) 25–28
Paper type: Professional paper

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Solubility of Stibnite Ore in HCl Solutions Saturated With Cl2 Gas

M. Çopur, A. Yartasi, C. Özmetin and M. Kocakerim

In this study, the dissolution of stibnite mineral (Sb2S3) in HCl solutions saturated with Cl2 gas was carried out, taking into consideration the effect of particle diameter, acid concentration and reaction temperature. Using the experimental data, we attempted to establish a kinetic model for the dissolution of the stibnite mineral in HCl solutions saturated with Cl2 gas. Employing graphical and statistical methods, the following kinetics model, including the effect of the chosen quantities, was established to represent the dissolution process – ln(1 – XSb ) = 2.97×105 · (d)–0.74 · (w)1.52 · exp(–4800/T) · t The activation energy of the dissolution process was found to be 39.87 kJ.mol–1.

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Stibnite, hydrochloric acid, dissolution of stibnite, chlorine gas