Published: CABEQ 15 (2) (2001) 71–74
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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The Results of Mathematical Model and Pilot Plant Research of Wastewater Treatment

M. Drolka, I. Plazl and T. Koloini

Mathematical models of the activated sludge process are believed to be a useful tool for research, process optimisation and troubleshooting at full-scale treatment plants, teaching and design assistance. Every simulation model is specific, because it contains kinetic and stoichiometric coefficients, which depend on the nature of a wastewater treatment plant. The present paper is concerned with a comparison between the practical results from a pilot wastewater treatment plant and mathematical model predictions results for steady-state conditions. A comparison of the real pilot plant quantities and model simulation was done proving the model confidence in the sense of carbon and nitrogen removal. The model simulated the real process successfully.

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wastewater treatment, activated sludge, pilot plant, mathematical model, calibration