Published: CABEQ 15 (2) (2001) 65–69
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Characterisation of Gas Mixed Bioreactors in Submerged Citric Acid Fermentation

M. Berovič

Bioprocess quantities of submerged citric acid fermentation on beet molasses substrate in 50 l Bubble Column (BCR) and External Loop Reactor (ELR), were studied. Mixing properties, volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient and their influence in both bioreactors, were studied. For the sake of comparison some measurements were carried out in STR with radial impeller Rusthon turbine, as well as Effigas, the axial one. Comparing the results of BCR and ELR, it is evident that ELR enables the development of productive morphology and more homogenous biomass distribution than BCR.

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citric acid, bubble column, external loop reactor, hydrodynamic behavior