Published: CABEQ 17 (4) (2003) 327–334
Paper type: Preliminary Communication

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Synergic Transport of Yttrium Metal Ions Through Supported Liquid Membrane

A. G. Gaikwad

Synergic transport of metal ions of yttrium has been studied in a supported liquid membrane system using Aliquat-336 and TBP as anion exchange and solvating extractant, respectively. In order to explore synergic transport of yttrium, supported liquid membrane transport of yttrium with single extractant Aliquat-336 or TBP, has been investigated. Possible reactions, occurring at interfaces of source and membrane or membrane and receiving phases during the transport of yttrium metal ions, are proposed. Different experimental variables for these supported liquid membranes explored were stirring speed of source or receiving phase (40 to 140 rpm), NH4SCN concentration (0.5 to 3 mol dm–3), pH of source phase (0.5 to 5), yttrium metal ion concentration (10–6 to 2 × 10–2 mol dm–3), carrier concentration (10–5 to 0.1 mol dm–3), concentration of complexing agent in receiving phase (10–6 to 10–2 mol dm–3), and pH of receiving phase in presence of complexing agent (0.5 to 5). In addition to this, efficiency and stability of investigated supported liquid membrane have been explored.

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Synergic metal ion transport, Aliquat-336, TBP, yttrium, supported liquid membrane, complexing agent