Published: CABEQ 17 (4) (2003) 301–309
Paper type: Conference Paper

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Distillation Column Internals/Configurations for Process Intensification

Ž. Olujić, B. Kaibel, H. Jansen, T. Rietfort, E. Zich and G. Frey

The purpose of this paper is to introduce some recently commercialised packed column internals and configurations developed at J. Montz company in close cooperation with universities and industry, which by the virtue of their nature intensify in some way the distillation process. These include state of the art high capacity structured packings, hybrid packed beds with partially flooded sections, streamlined liquid collectors, catalytic packings and the dividing wall column (DWC). The later one, an exclusive development realised in a close cooperation with BASF company, represents a major technological breakthrough; recent advances being mainly reflected in increasing both mechanical and process design flexibility by introducing a number of proprietary designs of DWC components. This paper discusses the backgrounds of developed technologies, the related state of the art and the perspectives for further development.

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packed columns, structured packings, catalytic packings, column internals, divided wall column