Published: CABEQ 18 (2) (2004) 177–182
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Mass Transfer Effects in Immobilized Lipase Packed Bed Reactor during the Hydrolysis of Rice Bran Oil

J. Bhat, P. K. A. Muniswaran and V. R. C. Murty

External mass transfer effects during the hydrolysis of rice bran oil using immobilized lipase enzyme were studied in a differential recirculation reactor. On set of external mass transfer limitations were found to be responsible for the optimum activity with respect to the enzyme loading. Particle dimension influences global reaction rate more at lower flow rates than at higher flow rates. Experiments performed in continuous immobilized lipase packed bed reactor to study the influence of substrate concentration and flow rate on fractional hydrolysis of rice bran oil showed that the apparent kinetic constants vary with flow rates.

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Rice bran oil, differential reactor, optimum enzyme loading, mass transfer effects, packed bed reactor, kinetic constants