Published: CABEQ 18 (2) (2004) 129–136
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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An Experimental Study of Absorption of Oxygen in Water in Co-Current Packed Bed Column by Transient Technique

H. Vychodilová, V. Staněk and V. Jiřičný

Parameters are evaluated by mathematical models using measured experimental data on unsteady state absorption of oxygen as a gas poorly soluble in water in a co-current packed bed column. The most complex model is an eight-parameter model with axial dispersion in gas and liquid phase and a stagnant zone in liquid phase. The other models are various asymptotic cases of the basic model. Transfer functions for the five utilized models have been derived in an earlier paper. The carried out experiments continuously measure the response in the gas and liquid column outlet streams to a periodic change of oxygen concentration in inlet gas in a 0.105 m diameter column. Using various frequencies of the periodic input concentration signal the frequency characteristics have been obtained and in turn used to evaluate model parameters such as holdups of gas, dynamic liquid and stagnant liquid, mass transfer coefficients to dynamic and static holdup, and axial dispersion coefficients in gas and liquid phase in the form of Peclet numbers. Simple correlations of these results on gas and liquid Reynolds numbers were evaluated. The ability to evaluate quantities of models of various complexities was assessed based on the experimental data obtained.

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Packed bed, co-current down flow, oxygen absorption, periodically variable input, parameter evaluation