Published: CABEQ 18 (2) (2004) 117–127
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Mathematical Models of Absorption of Poorly Soluble Gas in Co-Current Packed Bed Column under Periodically Changing Conditions

H. Vychodilová, V. Staněk and V. Jiřičný

An eight-parameter mathematical model of absorption of poorly soluble gas in co-current column with interfacial mass transfer under transient conditions has been formulated. The model describes the liquid stream by axially dispersed plug flow with stagnant and dynamic zones and the gas stream by axially dispersed model. The result of the model solution has the form of four transfer functions. Additional four models as asymptotic simplification of the basic formulated model considering axial dispersion in both phases, the model with a stagnant zone in the liquid and axial dispersion in the gas phase, the model with stagnant zone in liquid and plug flow in gas and the model with plug flow in both phases, have been formulated and solved. A parametric study of the transfer functions utilizing complex arithmetic feature of the computer has shown that for the selected oxygen-air-water system only two of the derived transfer functions for each model are practically useable.

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Trickle bed, co-current down flow, oxygen absorption, transient conditions