Published: CABEQ 19 (2) (2005) 179–184
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Comparative Studies of Air Lift and Fluidized Bed Reactors for Streptomycin Production by Immobilized Cells of Streptomyces bikiniensis ATCC 11062

A. Jetty, A. Gangagni Rao, B. Sarva Rao, G. Madhavi and S. V. Ramakrishna

Production of streptomycin by free and immobilized cells of Streptomyces bikiniensis ATCC 11062 by AIR LIFT (ALR) and FLUIDIZED BED REACTORS (FBR) were studied. This paper refers to the application of calcium alginate cross-linked with gluteraldehyde immobilized cells as biocatalyst and repeated batch method for 17 days. ALR and FBR with φ = 20 % of beads and an air flow of 1.3 L min-1 with glucose as carbon and peptone and meat extract as nitrogen source are operated at different dilutions. It is observed from the previous studies that antibiotic production improved in calcium alginate crosslinked with gluteraldehyde over calcium alginate alone and hence the same system was used in the present study. The increased production of streptomycin in immobilized cells was observed when compared with that in free cells. The enhanced performance of FBR was evident when compared with that of ALR at the same given optimum conditions. Accordingly the carbohydrate utilization was faster in FBR than in STR and ALR. The amount of streptomycin produced was 33.33 % more in FBR than in ALR.

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Air Lift Reactor (ALR), Fluidised Bed Reactor (FBR), Immobilized cells, Streptomycin production, Streptomyces bikinienses ATCC11062