Published: CABEQ 19 (3) (2005) 291–296
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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A Model for the Mesta River Pollution Assessment Based on the Integral Indices

I. K. Diadovski, M. Petrov, T. Ilkova and I. Ivanov

A new conceptual model for integrated river pollution assessment is proposed. The pollution dynamics at the end of Bulgarian section of the Mesta River is investigated for estimation of the anthropogenic impact. A model for the dynamics of the integral index for the level of the stream water trophic pollution is proposed. The integral index is based on the oxygen balance, organic and nutrients loading, suspended and dissolved substances. This index was applied for assessment of the level of the trophic pollution of the Mesta River in point Hadjidimovo at the end of Bulgarian section. A modified method of time series analysis is applied.

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Assessment, integral index, model, pollution level