Published: CABEQ 19 (3) (2005) 283–289
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Fuzzy Optimization of the Biosynthesis of L-lysine

M. Petrov and T. Ilkova

Through using of the fuzzy optimization, an effective algorithm for process optimization is synthesized. The optimization is applied to a fermentation process of the L-lysine production in batch conditions. The presented flexible model of the batch cultivation reflects in higher way the influence of the kinetic parameters of the process on the optimization criterion. For the first time the initial conditions of a fermentation process of the L-lysine production are optimized with the help of the fuzzy sets theory and by investigation of the parameters of the fuzzy sets. After that, the received initial conditions are used for dynamic optimization of the process. The dynamic optimization is realized also by fuzzy sets theory. With these applications the effectiveness is increased – the quality of the L-lysine production at the end of the process grows more than 70 %.

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biosynthesis, flexible model, optimisation, fuzzy sets