Published: CABEQ 19 (3) (2005) 275–282
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Haar Orthogonal Functions Based Parameter Identification of Wastewater Treatment Process with Distributed Parameters

M. Todorova and T. Pencheva

The most often used system in aerobic biological wastewater treatment is the system “biological reservoir – sedimentor”. The necessary condition for obtaining a good operative control is an adequate process model to be available. The aim of this paper is modelling of a process, carrying out a system “biological reservoir – sedimentor”, and consequent parameter identification. In order to obtain a model with higher degree of accuracy, the process of wastewater treatment is considered as object with distributed parameters. Shifted two – dimensional Haar orthogonal functions are used for parameter identification of the process. The implementation of these orthogonal functions reduces the problem to a computationally convenient form. The algorithm is efficient and simple in form.

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modelling, identification, Haar orthogonal functions, wastewater treatment, distributed parameters objects