Published: CABEQ 21 (3) (2007) 257–264
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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A Kinetic Study of Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition in Presence of Pyrite

P. Chirită

The kinetics of hydrogen peroxide decomposition in presence of pyrite has been investigated in aqueous acidic media. It was found that hydrogen peroxide decomposition is double catalyzed by iron sites found on pyrite surface (a heterogeneous reaction) and aqueous ferric iron (a homogenous reaction). The heterogeneous reaction is first order with respect to [H2O2], and homogeneous reaction is first order with respect to [H2O2] and [Fe(aq)]. The rate is proportional to a fractional power of the geometric surface area (0.77) and [H+] (–0.55). The apparent activation energy of the hydrogen peroxide decomposition into oxygen and water at a temperature range of 25 to 45 °C was found to be 79.5 kJ mol–1.

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kinetics, hydrogen peroxide decomposition, pyrite, oxygen