Published: CABEQ 21 (3) (2007) 213ā€“218
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Forced Convection Solid-Liquid Mass Transfer at a Surface of Tube Bundles under Single Phase Flow

S. A. Nosier, Y. A. Alhamed, A. A. Bakry and I. S. Mansour

Solid-liquid mass transfer characteristics of in-line tube bank were investigated by measuring the rate of diffusion-controlled dissolution of copper surface in dichromate solution. Variables studied were the number of rows in the tube bank, physical properties of the solution, and flow rate of the solution. The data were correlated for the conditions: 937 < Sc < 1300, 173 < Re < 385, 1 < N < 5, by the equation Sh = 2.68 Re0.465 Sc0.33 Nā€“0.35 + 35.35. The addition of Polyox WSR 301 as a drag reducing agent leads to a decrease in the mass transfer coefficient, which ranged from 49 to 83 % depending on the mass fraction of the polymer, number of tube bundles and the liquid flow rates.

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Solid-liquid mass transfer, mass transfer coefficient, tube bank, drag reducing agent, single-phase flow