Published: CABEQ 21 (3) (2007) 207–212
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Measurement of Mass Transfer Coefficients in Airlift Reactors with Internal Loop Using the Glucose Oxidase Method

M. Juraščík, I. Sikula, M. Rosenberg and J. Markoš

This study deals with the measurement of volumetric mass transfer coefficients (kLa) in the internal loop airlift reactors (ILALRs) of different volumes (12 dm3, 40 dm3 and 200 dm3) using the glucose oxidase method. The experimental results of this work were compared with those kLa obtained for the same ILALRs by applying different other methods. Results of this work showed a good agreement with the published results obtained by applying other methods on the non-coalescent medium. The initial glucose mass concentration in the non-coalescent medium was 150 g dm–3. Based on this work, the values of the empirical parameter in the correlation of kLa vs. the total gas hold-up, proposed by Bello et al.,1 were established.

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volumetric mass transfer coefficient, internal loop airlift reactor, glucose oxidase method