Published: CABEQ 22 (2) (2008) 227–231
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch Products. Optimization of Diesel and Naphtha Cuts

U. M. Teles and F. A. N. Fernandes

Hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products consisting of a mixture of C4–C30 paraffins and olefins over a platinum/amorphous silica–alumina catalyst was analyzed and optimized. A mathematical model of a batch reactor used for hydrocarbon hydrocracking was developed and the process was studied from a modeling point of view based on the kinetics of a bifunctional catalyst. The influence of temperature on the product yield distribution was evaluated. Time and temperature optimization were performed to obtain the best operating conditions to increase the fractions of naphtha and diesel that can be produced by Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

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Hydrocracking, Fischer-Tropsch, diesel, naphtha, optimisation